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In 2023, Talkies aims to commission filmmakers to produce a short film located in and around Palmers Green, North London. 

Each filmmaker is awarded £1000 towards the cost of their project.

What will represent suburban life? 

How will this little neck of North London reflect the issues of our day? 

What gripping stories will you tell?

The best ideas should focus on suburban life in all its glory.

As part of the commission Talkies offer mentorship from local award winning filmmakers. Talkies can also access locations, extras, a crew base and arrange local contacts to help throughout the production.

The commission is open to all filmmakers, including teams who wish to collaborate. We expect diversity both behind the camera and on screen, reflecting the communities around us.

Applications are now closed, please join our mailing list to hear about further opportunities.

The Talkies Film Commission: The Talkies Film Commission
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